Projekt an Bibel Kernewek

An Project ma yw skoedhys gans Kesva an Taves Kernewek, warbarth gans Bagas Kusulyek Epskop Truru rag Gonisow y'n Yeth Kernewek.  Aga govenek dhe dhyllo an Testament Nowydh yn Kernewek a veu kowlwrys y'n vlydhen 2004.  Henn a verkyas an pennkansbloedh a lyver Henry Jenner, A Handbook of the Cornish Language, yw synsys gans lies dhe vos dalleth dasserghyans an yeth.  Yma ober ow pesya lemmyn gans an Testament Koth, peswardhek treylyer a gemmer rann y'n eur ma.  Oll an ober yw selys dour war an pennfentynyow Ebrow, Aramaek ha Greka.  Lies lyvrik re beu dyllys seulabrys.

Rag pella derivadow mar pleg kestav gans gwiasva an Projekt

The Bible Project

This is run under the joint auspices of the Cornish Language Board and the Bishop of Truro's Ecumenical Advisory Group on Cornish-language Services. Its aim to publish a Cornish New Testament was achieved in 2004. This marked the centenary of Henry Jenner's Handbook of the Cornish Language, which is generally regarded as the start of the language revival. Work is continuing now on the Old Testament, with fourteen translators at present involved. All work is based strictly on the original Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic texts. Several Biblical books have already been published as booklets.

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