An Gesva a rester apposyansow pub blydhen, mis-Me (der anow) ha mis-Metheven (skrifys). Yma peswar nivel. Dhe bub gradh onan bys dhe dri yma diw rann - apposyans der anow hag apposyans skrifys. Yma dhe'n peswora gradh teyr rann - der anow, yeth ha lyenn/istori.

Rag derivadow pella iskarg an steus.

Y tal dhe ombrofyoryon redya an Rewlys rag Ombrofyoryon.

Y hyllir iskarga berrheans a'n steus ha derivadow a-dro dhe'n apposyansow 2019 omma.

Y hyllir iskarga formow omrolya rag 2019. Gwra devnydh a'n form ewn rag dha radh mar pleg.

Manylyon a-dro dhe dekstow settys rag an 4a Gradh omma.


The Language Board organises examinations each year, in May (oral) and June (written). There are four levels. For each of the grades one to three there are two parts - an oral examination and a written examination. For grade four there are three parts - oral, language and literature/history.

For further information see the specification.

Candidates should read the Rules for Candidates.

A syllabus summary and information on the 2019 examination may be downloaded here.

Enrolment forms for 2019 may be downloaded. Please use the correct form for your grade.

There are details about the 4th Grade set texts here.