Lyvrow hag erell

Hwel-dyllo an Gesva a boes war oberennow breusek ha lyenn istorek, yethadorow, gerlyvrow ha steusow dyski.  Lyvrow kemmynna ha lyvrow redya yw hwel Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

Oll an tekstow hengovek kernewek re beu dyllys yn furv isel hy host, rag may hallo an werin a Gernow aga redya rag an kynsa gweyth.  Dyllys yns yn lytherennans an kyns-skrif, treuslytherennans dhe Gernewek Kemmyn ha treylyans dhe Sowsnek.  Yma an Gesva ow skoedhya ha der hy ober hag yn arghansek Towlenn an Bibel Kernewek, hag yma ober ow pesya may fo an Bibel kowal yn Kernewek y'n termyn a dheu.

Y hyllir iskarga rol a werthow omma.  Y hyllir prena taklow dhiworth Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek ha Tor Mark.  Mirewgh orth an rol rag an manylyon.


The Board's publishing activities concentrate on technical and academic works, critical and historical literary works, grammars, dictionaries and learning courses.  More general books and readers are the province of the Cornish Language Fellowship

All of the traditional Cornish texts have been published in an inexpensive format to make them available for the first time to the Cornish people.  They are being published in the original manuscript spelling, a transcription into Kernewek Kemmyn and an English translation.  The Board is supporting practically and financially the Cornish Bible Project and work is continuing to have the whole Bible available in Cornish in the future.

A list of publications can be downloaded here.  They can be purchased from Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek and Tor Mark.  See the list for details.