Research - Kesva An Taves Kernewek


Linguistic research is carried out by members of the Board, both individually and under the auspices of the Vocabulary and Grammar Committee.  This is provoked both by a general desire to know more about Cornish and by disputes concerning how best to spell certain words.  The results are published in various journals in Cornwall, and from time to time in the Board's own publication Agan Yeth.  The Board has been represented for many years at congresses of Celtic studies.


Hwithransow yethoniethel a vydh gwrys gans eseli an Gesva, aga honan hag yn-dann vaystri an kessedhek Yeth ha Gerva.  Kentrynnys yns dre ewl a aswonnvos moy a-dro dhe'n taves kernewek, ha dre dhadhlow fatell lytherennir nebes geryow.  An sywyansow a vydh dyllys yn lyvrow-termyn skiansek yn Kernow, ha traweythyow yn dyllans an Gesva henwys Agan Yeth.  Dre vlydhynyow an Gesva re dhannvonas kannasow dhe guntellesow studhyansow Keltek.

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