Students should download lessons as required and submit their answers to the questions and exercises to their tutor for marking. Work may be sent either as a regular email or as an attached MS Word document or text file.

There are text and audio files for each lesson except for the Revision lessons, where there is only a text file. To save to your computer, right click on the icon and choose Save Target As from the shortcut menu. Left-clicking an icon will open a new browser window. Each text file is a .pdf which can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader may well already be installed on your machine. If not, then it can be downloaded from the Adobe Website.

Course Introduction
Reference - pronunciation guide, mutation table, glossary of grammatical terms.
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Index Sheet used for your work file
Vocabulary used in the lessons
1. Kernow - mutations and indefinite article.
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2. Breten Vyghan - adjectives with singular nouns; 'yw'; particle 'a2 '.
Download:Audio icon kdl02.mp3
3. Yowann ha Jenifer - possession; 'yw' and 'yma'; 'to have'.
Download:Audio icon kdl03.mp3
4. Yann hag Anjela - definite article; mutations; 'yma dhe²' word order; negative particle 'ny2 '.
Download:Audio icon kdl04.mp3
5. Revision
6. Kynsa Lyther Yann - past tense of verbs; the verb-noun.
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7. Gorthyp Yowann - subject pronouns and combinations with 'gans' and 'dhe2 '.
Download:Audio icon kdl07.mp3
8. Anjela - 3rd. sing. forms of 'gul' and 'mos'; numbers 1 to 10; vocative particle 'a2 '.
Download:Audio icon kdl08.mp3
9. Gwerthji Yowann - days of the week; time of day; use of 'ha'.
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10. Revision
11. Dy’ Sul - 'dhe2 ' with 'gul' and preceding object; plural of nouns; adjectives with masculine plural nouns; present participle with 'ow4 '; preposition with verb-noun; word order.
Download:Audio icon kdl11.mp3
12. Lyther Yann - verbal sentences; short and long forms of 'bos'.
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13. An Klas Gorthugher - demonstrative pronouns; 'yn-medh', 'eus', 'yn', 'war' combined with pronouns.
Download:Audio icon kdl13.mp3
14. Y'n Tren - 'gul' - present and past tenses; questions and answers with 'gul', 'gwell yw', 'res yw'; possessive adjectives with nouns and verb nouns; present and past tenses of 'gweles' and 'galloes'.
Download:Audio icon kdl14.mp3
15. Revision
16. Megi Difennys - present and imperfect tenses of 'mynnes', 'drog yw', 'gwell yw'.
Download:Audio icon kdl16.mp3
17. Lyther Yowann - 'yn5 ' with adjectives; 'an jydh'.
Download:Audio icon kdl17.mp3
18. Kastell Penndinas - imperfect of 'gul', 'kara', 'galloes', and 'gweles'.
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19. Dyskans Lywya - second person imperative.
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20. Revision
21. An Worvarghas - cardinal and ordinal numbers.
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22. Chi Jenifer - combinations of prepositions and pronouns.
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23. An Lowarth - the months of the year; collective plurals.
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24. An Orsedh - the clock; numeral adverbs.
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25. Revision