What We Do - Kesva An Taves Kernewek

What We Do

The Kesva provides reliable information on all aspects of the revival of the language, organises teaching, conducts examinations and publishes educational materials such as course books, grammars, dictionaries and other reference works as well as scholarly editions of the classical texts.

All meetings and records are in Cornish.  Though most members use Common Cornish, the Board recognises the Standard Written Form for use in schools and public life.

Further information may be obtained from the General Secretary: maureen.pierce@kesva.org

An Pyth A Wren Ni.

An Gesva a brovi kedhlow fydhyadow a yllir y drestya a-dro dhe dhasserghyans an yeth a bub tu hag ordena a wra hi dyski.  Dyllo traow adhyskans yw hy negys ynwedh, traow avel lyvrow steus, yethadoryow ha gerlyvrow-hwithra ha gans an re ma y tyllo hendekstow yn furv skolheygyek.

Pub kuntelles an Gesva a wra devnydh a Gernewek keffrys rag omgusulya ha rag rekordya.  Kyn hwra brassa rann an eseli devnydhya Kernewek Kemmyn, y tegemmerir an Furv Savonek Skrifys rag skolyow hag yn bywnans poblek. 

Derivadow pella a-dhiworth an Skrifennyades Kemmyn: maureen.pierce@kesva.org

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