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Original Second/Third Grade Course

Text Index Sheet - for your work file

26. Text  Audio  An Tas-gwynn - 'yn unn2' with verb-noun; imperfect of 'bos'; pluperfect of 'bos' and 'gul'; 'drefenn' and 'kyns' with verb-noun 'bos'.

27. Text  Audio  Penn Bran - past tense of 'bos'; passive with past participle; simple passive; 'rag' with 'bos'; 'kyns', 'drefenn' and 'rag' with other verbs; infixed object pronouns.

28. Text  Audio  Tas Tewdar - past and pluperfect tenses of 'leverel' and 'merwel'; future of 'bos'; imperfect of 'a’m beus'; reflexive verbs.

29. Text  Audio  Myrgh an Mer - 'dhe2' and 'rag' with verb-nouns; comparison of adjectives; combination of 'yn-dann' with pronouns; negative expressions.

30. Text  Revision

31. Text  Audio  An Kynsa Amm - 'awos' with 'bos' and other verbs; conditional; imperfect subjunctive of 'gul' and 'bos'; object before verb in simple statements; verb-noun used as a finite verb; 'a2' used as relative pronoun.

32. Text  Audio  An Ambos - summary of the verb 'gul'; indirect statement with “subject + dhe+ verb-noun” and with 'y5'.

33. Text  Audio  Tristys Aethelflaed - summary of 'bos'; affirmative indirect statement with 'bos'; noun and pronoun subjects; conjunctions 'pan2', 'erna2', 'may5' and 'mar4', affirmative and negative.

34. Text  Audio  Molleth an Penn - summary of 'mos'; indirect statement with 'bos'; “Subject + dhe2 + verb-noun” construction and with 'y5' clauses with “b” tenses; negative indirect statement with 'bos'.

35. Text  Revision

36. Text  Audio  Athelstan - summary of 'gweles'; verbs taking 'dhe2' with direct object; conjunctions 'dell2' and 'kettell2'.

37. Text  Audio  Tus Ifarn - summary of 'dos'; conjunctions 'kyn5', 'a-ban2'; adverb 'nammna'.

38. Text  Audio  Souder Sowsnek - summary of 'glanhe'; conjunctions with infixed object pronouns, affirmative and negative; indirect statement with future in the past.

39. Text  Audio  Fo - summary of 'mynnes'; present participle with orth and object pronoun; compound prepositions.

40. Text  Revision

41. Text  Audio  Hembrenkyas Nowydh - summary of 'godhvos'; present subjunctive with 'erna²', 'pan2', 'kettell2' etc.; verb-noun as object of verb; 'rag' and 'dhe2' with verb-noun to express purpose; “mar2/maga5 . . . avel/dell2” = “as . . . as”.

42. Text  Audio  Troha Lannstefan - summary of 'galloes'; subjunctive with superlatives; verb-noun as subject of sentence.

43. Text  Audio  Tan - summary of 'leverel'; subjunctive with 'may5' showing purpose.

44. Text  Audio  Droglamm - summary of 'previ'; subjunctive with indefinite subject; “sitting, lying, standing”. 

45. Text  Revision

46. Text  Audio  Aethelflaed a Gyv an Penn - summary of 'doen'; dual parts of the body; 'na2' with negative relative clauses.

47. Text  Audio  Dasjunys - summary of 'kara'; “dhe2 . . . dhe2” with comparatives.

48. Text  Audio  Gwydhvosenn ha Gwydhenn Know - summary of 'a’m beus'; 'ha' and prepositions with possessives; suffixed pronouns.

49. Text  Audio  Lannstefan ha Lowena - summary of 'tylli'; prepositions with relative pronouns.

50. Text  Revision

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