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New First Grade Course

There are text and audio files for each lesson except for the Revision lessons, where there is only a text file. The text files use either the FSS or KK spellings. To save a text file to your computer, right click on the icon and choose Save Target As from the shortcut menu. Left-clicking an icon will open a new browser window. Each text file is a .pdf which can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader will probably be already installed on your machine. If not, it can be downloaded from the Adobe Website.

The audio files contain the passages marked with a double asterisk. There are conversational practice sheets after some lessons.

Registered students can send their work to their tutor as a regular e-mail or as an attached MS Word document or text file.

It is expected that students will make their own vocabulary lists from those given in the individual lessons. They may also use vocabularies in Holyewgh an Lergh 1, Bora Brav 1 or Kynsa Mil Er.

1. FSS KK Audio  Present tense of ‘bos’ (short form); weather; elementary introductions. Praktis

2. FSS KK Audio  More on present tense of ‘bos’ (short form); demonstrative adjectives and pronouns; numbers 0 to 10; adjectives including colours. Praktis

3. FSS KK Audio  Present tense of ‘gul’; more on the weather. Praktis

4. FSS KK Audio  Present tense of ‘bos’ (long form); idioms using ‘bos’; declension of pronouns ‘gans’ and ‘dhe’; noun + adjective. Praktis

5. FSS KK Audio  More on present tense of ‘bos’ (long form); ‘an teylu’; possession; short or long form of ‘bos’. Praktis

6. FSS KK Audio  Conjugation of auxiliary verbs ‘mynnes’, ‘galloes’. Praktis

7. FSS KK Revision and consolidation; summary of grammar introduced so far; list of suitable books for the next stage. Praktis

8. FSS KK Audio  Present tense of verbs (third person), ‘yn-med’h.

9. FSS KK Audio  Numbers 0 to 12; time; noun + adjective.

10. FSS KK Audio Numbers 0 to 100; ages; seasons; collectives.

11. FSS KK Audio Imperfect of ‘bos’ (long and short).

12. FSS KK Audio Present and past continuous, possessive adjectives.

13. FSS KK Audio Present and preterite of auxiliaries ‘gul’, ‘mynnes’ and ‘galloes’; interrogatives.

14. FSS KK Revision and consolidation.

15. FSS KK Audio Preterite of other verbs third person; cardinals and ordinals; dates.

16. FSS KK Audio More on the preterite.

17. FSS KK Audio Conjugation present tense regular verb ‘prena’.

18. FSS KK Audio Conjugation preterite tense regular verb ‘prena’.

19. FSS KK Audio Imperative.

20. FSS KK Revision and consolidation; grammar summary.

21. FSS KK Audio Past participles.

22. FSS KK Audio Direct object pronouns with ‘gul’.

23. FSS KK Audio Prepositions including ‘rag’ + declension.

24. FSS KK Revision; mock paper.

25. FSS KK Revision; mock paper.

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