- Kesva An Taves Kernewek

Dynnargh, Welcome

Welcome to the home of Kernewek Dre Lyther, the successful Cornish language correspondence course.

KDL aims to prepare students for the examinations of the Cornish Language Board. KDL started in 1983 as a result of an initiative by the Cornish Language Board and has enrolled more than three hundred students, many of whom have been successful in one or more of the Board's examinations. Over thirty have reached the highest grade and have been made Bards of the Cornish Gorsedh. Most students have achieved distinctions in their grades.

KDL is run by the Cornish Language Board and the KDL First Grade Course is available online for a fee of just £10, which includes a tutor to help you with the lessons. The lessons themselves and the audio files are on this website.

Explore the site to find out more about the Cornish language - Kernewek - and KDL. Try your hand at Dyskans Onan (Lesson 1).

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